Learn why IDD Service Professionals everywhere are glad they partnered with Focused Software!

Adonai Inc. and ProtoStar Inc.

Ryan Kippes, Director of Services says, “I just wanted to thank everyone at Focused Software for being so accommodating of all of our requests. It’s awesome to see that your company really listens to their customers.” Adonai Inc. and ProtoStar Inc. support people with IDD in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Adonai's mission is serving clients with honesty, integrity, and humility through a culture that empowers servant leaders to elevate our client's quality of life.

Thomas and Lewin Associates

Thomas and Lewin Associates provide HCS program services throughout the central, eastern and southern regions of the State of Texas. The team's extensive knowledge is based on demonstrated experience in administrative and clinical practice in the delivery of services to people with IDD. Thomas and Lewin were the recipients of a University of Texas at Austin grant and key collaborators with the university on the 2016 "Texas Money Follows The Person" research study. Scott Thomas, Owner and CEO says, “We had used other EHR companies in the past and we have stayed with Focused Software because we have found them to be far superior to the competition in terms of their intuitive EHR interface, the constant innovation of useful new features and their incredible 24/7 person-person customer service.”

Kara Living Centers Inc.

Kara Living Centers Inc. provides HCS and TxHmL services to people with IDD and their families in the Houston, Texas area. The team at Kara take a state-of-the-art approach to caring for children and adults with IDD challenges and helping them live fuller, more empowered lives. Carmalita Alford-Simmons, Day Habilitation Director says, “The easy-to-use Focused Software EHR means I can on-board new staff with minimal effort and in record time. Also because Focused EHR has the same well-recognized state forms it makes our audits a breeze!”

Fig Tree Home and Community Based Services

Fig Tree Home & Community Based Services takes pride in providing HCS and TxHmL services to people with Intellectual Disabilities in the Brownsville area and throughout the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio. The team at Fig Tree HCS takes a cutting edge approach by incorporating and partnering with Focused Software. The EHR is user friendly and utilizes many of the required HHSC forms. Focused Software is a time saving application which allows continuous workflow and makes Case Management easier with online information access. It allows for more proactive team engagement since there is no need to page through physical files thus making the job more satisfying. Minerva Coronado, owner and CEO, says, “Thank you Focused Software for all your support and willingness to accommodate Fig Tree HCS with our suggestions and requests.”