About Us

Focused Software started as a Texas-based company that has grown to serve multiple states. We provide an intuitive yet comprehensive EHR solution for companies who provide IDD services. Our proven track record of listening to our clients and responding with innovative new features and handy updates is unrivaled in the industry.

The Focused EHR satisfies and exceeds each agency’s e-documentation security requirements. More importantly, we provide the #1 tool you need to run an efficient, cost-effective and safe company whether you are a Provider, Case-Manager/Care Coordinator, QIDP, Nurse, Behaviorist, Administrator, Direct Support Staff or operate in more than one of these capacities. No more lost, incomplete or duplicated service delivery logs. No more staff searching for hours on end for a form, sheet of paper or vital piece of data. We capture all information and instantly populate it across multiple HHS forms including the Individual Plan of Care, Implementation Plan, ID/RC, Individual Service Plan, Comprehensive Nursing Assessment (CNA), Service Delivery/Daily Activity Logs and much more.  The Focused EHR also offers integrated solutions for Medication Administration Records (MARs), Medication Control, Appointment Scheduling, Personnel Checklists, Online Consents, Online In-Service documentation,  Residential Site (Environmental Inspection) Checklists and other related activities. We keep your documentation up-to-date (in real-time), legible and secure.

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