Creating branches/location is one of the ways Focused Software allows staff to only see consumer information that they need to perform their duties. So, staff registered in one contract e.g., Dallas contract will not be able to see the information for staff at the Houston contract and vice versa. It may not be necessary to have more than one contract if all your staff serve the same group of patients/consumers. The IPCs pull the contract number and component code from this section so please ensure that these are correct.

Log into the provider application and from the home page click on the “Company” tab (blue circle). Then click on the “Branch Locations” (red circle).

When the Branch Locations tab is highlighted click on “+Add Branch” (blue circle). 

When the pop-up window appears enter the details for the new branch you would like to register in the system. Ensure that the “Active” box is checked (blue circle) if you would like staff to immediately be able to register consumers at residential locations belonging to the contract and therefore begin to document billable activities as having occurred under the new contract. Click “Save” (red circle) when all data is entered satisfactorily.

The new branch/contract(s) (blue circle) will now show up on the company tab when the “Branch Locations” tab is clicked. Branch locations can be edited or deactivated by clicking on appropriate buttons to the right of each branch/location name.