This feature allows the generation of a list of certain service delivery logs (SDLs) types (eg SL/RSS or Day Hab) in various statuses (pending approval, approved etc) or ALL statuses at once – for individuals or locations. SDL lists can be generated for unique clients or by location.

   THIS FEATURE WILL ONLY GENERATE LOGS FOR CLIENTS WHERE THE USER IS REGISTERED AS A SUPERVISOR AT THE CLIENTS’ RESIDENCE(S). IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN EXPECTED LOG LIST PLEASE CHECK TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE AN ASSIGNED SUPERVISOR FOR THE CLIENTS’ RESIDENTIAL LOCATION(S) UNDER THE COMPANY TAB SECTION.     If the volume of SDLs that are expected to be pulled is large please keep the date range search intervals short eg 1 week. This is especially important when using older computers with limited processing capacity as search time maybe prolonged and your system may even freeze with large data loads.  
  To generate a list, first, click on the ‘Service Delivery Check’ button (blue circle) in the main menu bar.

When the Service Delivery Audit Check window appears:

  • Choose the Service Delivery Log Type from the drop down (red arrow).
  • Then check off either a location/s (green arrows) OR click on the ‘Generate by Individual’ button (purple arrow) which will realign the screen and allow you to check off by individual name(s).
  • From the ‘Status’ dropdown (orange arrow) choose a specific status OR choose ‘Use All’ to generate a list of SDLs with all statuses for the client/location chosen.
  • Choose a date range – * Remember make the date search short eg 1 week (black arrow) if you have a lot of logs to pull and a slow computer.
  • Finally, hit the blue ‘Search’ button at the bottom.


You may see a message “Your Request Is Being Processed…..”, if this appears please wait while your system handles the data.

A list of SDLs will be generated as shown below with the client name at the top of each section (blue circle). This list will allow entry of units; You MUST input a unit value above zero (0) (red arrow). 

You can mark SDLs as approved or denied (with mandatory Reason For Denial) as usual by clicking on the relevant button (green arrows). The ‘Do Nothing’ button (orange arrow) is simply there in case the ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’ buttons are clicked in error and you want to immediately rectify the mistake (ie correct it before the Submit button is hit).

Remember, you MUST input a unit value above zero (0) (red arrow).

Click ‘Submit’ (pink arrow) when you have finished assigning statuses for each client. Clicking the Submit button while the ‘Do Nothing’ button is selected will leave the specific SDL in ‘Pending Approval’ status.