Clients can customize the incidents report for their companies. To do so please log into the provider module, access the “Company” button (red circle) from the main menu bar then click on the “Incident Types” tab (blue circle). Once highlighted click on the “+Add New Incident Type” button (green arrow) from within the yellow bar.

Once the pop-up window appears enter a new incident type in the text field (red arrow) then click ‘Save’ (green arrow). In this example we have inserted “Public Disrobing” in the text field.


A list of incident types will appear below the yellow bar and those listed will appear on the residential care side of the EHR for the direct care staff to choose from when creating incident reports.

If you would like to remove an incident type simply click on the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the item (red circle). When the window opens up check off the ‘Retire’ box and then click ‘Save’. The item will now have the word ‘Retire’ beside it (orange circle) and will no longer appear on the residential care side for direct care staff to choose from.