The setting up/accuracy check of your company details is one of  the first things that will be done. Only a recognized company system administrator can access the company details screen. Log into the provider side of the application. There are 2 ways to access the Company Details window either click on the “Company Info” button in the upper right-hand corner (black arrow) OR from the main menu bar click on the “Company” tab (red circle). Then when the Company page appears click on the “Edit Detail” button (green circle) just below the company address. Either of these ways will cause the “Company Details” window to pop open. If you are not a recognized system administrator and you try to access this area a big “ACCESS DENIED” message will pop up.

Now the Company Details window is open please check that the company name, program key, main contact, address etc. are correct.

If you have already registered a few staff members in Focused EHR then you can choose a Director of Nursing (DON) (red arrow) or Director of Psychology (DOP) from the drop-down menu (green arrow).  These directors do not necessarily have to be nurses or psychologists etc. If you choose a named DON/DOP and check off the little box (pink arrows) that says “DON/DOP To Approve Nursing Notes” then all nursing logs/notes MUST be approved by the DON before they can be billed. Don’t worry if there are no staff names in the dropdown menu it simply means that no staff have been registered yet. You can always come back after you have registered the relevant staff and enroll a DON and/or DOP.

Now check/complete all other fields.

There are some fields that are grayed out towards the bottom (blue circle); these fields show what services you are signed up for with Focused Software. You cannot edit these fields. If you wish to change any service, please contact your Focused Software rep.

When you have finished click the “Submit” button (orange arrow).