CFC Logs can be created on the direct care side. Once they have been created a supervisor can review a log in their To Do list by clicking on the red text indicating CFC logs awaiting their approval (blue arrow).

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and the total number of CFC logs awaiting your review will be listed (blue circle) with a “Pending” icon beside them. Double click on the “Pending” icon beside any one of the logs you wish to approve (red arrows).

This will open a window with the information the CFC direct care staff member entered.

Check the data and don’t forget to enter the billable units used (red arrow). Then approve if satisfied. If you wish to deny the log because corrections need to be made you must put text in the “Reason” box that will guide the direct care staff in changes you feel need to be made

To view the CFC logs created for a specific consumer open their main chart page and click on the “Service Delivery Logs” tab (red circle). Next click the ‘CFC/SHL/CS Logs” button (pink circle). Consumer’s CFC logs will appear (blue circle).

To view/print a CFC Report go to the main menu bar on the provider application side click “Reports” (purple circle) and then click on the “Community First Choice” button (red arrow). Lastly, click on the “CFC/CS Service Delivery Log” button (orange circle).

This will open a dialog box. Choose the consumer(s) for whom you wish to print CFC reports and the date range you want to search for records. Click submit.

A CFC report will be generated grouped by consumer name such as in the example given below.