We can book appointments for a single consumer or multiple consumers registered under the same branch/contract simultaneously in two different ways.

  1. Click on the date of the proposed appointment using the calendar (blue circle) OR click on the “Add Event” button (purple arrow) to generate a pop-up window with today’s date.
  2. Go to the provider application home page. Hover over the “Activities” tab (green arrow) and then click on “Appointments” (red arrow) from the drop-down menu.

Using the “Branch Appointments” button will open a calendar (below) showing all other existing branch appointments. New appointments can be created by clicking on specific dates.

Using either of the ways described above to access the branch calendar will cause the pop-up window below to open. For the physician field you will only be able to choose physicians/practitioners pre-registered in the system. Fill out the required fields.


Several consumers can be added from the same window if they share the same visit “Type” (blue circle), “Physician” (red circle) and their visits are consecutive. To add multiple consumers, select the consumer who has the earliest appointment from the “Patient” drop down menu and then click “Select” (red arrow). The added consumer will now appear above the “Patient” field (green arrow). Consumers can be removed by clicking on the X in the box containing the consumer’s name. Check that the automatically populated date is accurate and then enter a time range from the beginning of the earliest appointment to the end of the last consumer’s appointment. 

Clicking the “Recurrence” button (red arrow) opens options to choose periodicity. When all consumer(s) details have been entered remember to scroll to the bottom and click “Save”.

To view the newly entered appointment(s) pull up a monthly view of the contract calendar by hovering over the “Activities” tab and then clicking on “Appointments” (see previous figures).

Click on the name of the consumer from the date of the appointment created (pink circles) to open a window in which more details of the appointment can be reviewed, edited or the appointment canceled. If multiple consumers were entered at the same and the time range does not exactly match the specific client’s scheduled appointment it can be edited at this point. Remember to click “Save” when you have finished.

Dates on the monthly calendar with the “more” connotation (red arrow) indicate that there are appointments for more than one consumer on that day.

Clicking on “more” will open the Daily Agenda screen (below) where all consumers booked for that appointment can be seen at once and each consumers details can be accessed, edited or canceled by clicking on individual consumer names.