To generate a list of approved notes/logs that have not yet been marked as billed in the system; hover over the “Activities” tab (green arrow) on the home page main menu bar then click on “Bill Notes and Logs” (red arrow) button.

Enter the begin and end date and time for the period over which you wish to search for approved but unbilled notes and logs. Choose the desired log type and click “Submit”.

Please note: Nursing Billable Service Delivery items are listed individually in the “Billable Notes and Logs” summary. This is true even if multiple services were all documented in one log. So there maybe multiple services with the same date in the summary; it simply means that they are all probably from the same log(s). 

A list of all the approved but unbilled logs/notes for the company (i.e., across all contracts/branches) will appear. Check off (blue circle) all the logs that have been billed on a specific date then enter the date of billing occurred (green arrow) and click “Bill Notes for [Consumer Name]” (red arrow). 

To reject a specific log simply put in your reason for the rejection in the text box (purple arrow) and then hit ‘’Reject Log’ (green arrow) to completely reject OR hit ‘Reject/Return To Supervisor’ (red arrow) to send it back the supervisor’s To Do list on their Home Page for revision.  Note: If there is no supervisor for a progress note it will go back to the originator. Please make sure that the explanation included in the text box is robust enough to allow the supervisor (or originating staff) to make the corrections you need.

The window will refresh and all the checked off will disappear (see pic below) because they have been transferred to the Billed list of items (please refer to the ‘Accounting Report Generation’ user guide). If rejected/returned, they are routed to the supervisor OR if rejected outright they go to the client’s chart with a “Rejected” status.

Then logs billed on a different date or for a different client can now be checked off and marked. 

A ‘Rejected/Return to Supervisor’ notification (red arrow) as shown from the To Do list on the supervisor’s home page. Clicking on the red text in the notification will open a window allowing the supervisor to edit or route back to the direct care staff as per usual. Once the issue is addressed it can be routed back to billing via the normal approach.

To easily find a list of unbillable/rejected logs use the ‘Accounting’ feature (red arrow) accessed from the ‘Reports’ section (purple arrow). Just make sure you choose a status of ‘Unbillable/Reject’ (green arrow). DO NOT use ‘Billing date’ in the ‘Group By’ field (orange arrow) when defining the parameters of your ‘Unbillable/Reject’ search as these logs have not been marked as ‘billed’ in the system!

Rejected/unbillable logs can also be accessed via the client’s chart. These logs will either appear with a “Rejected” icon (red arrow) beside them OR if it is a rejected progress note (where icons are not used) then it can be identified by clicking on specific log via its edit button to reveal the annotation with reject information in red as shown in the second picture below (blue arrow).