Direct care staff can document their bed checks by logging into the direct care platform.

From the Homepage, look in the main menu bar (at the top of the screen) and hover over the ‘Activity’ button (yellow arrow). When the dropdown appears, click on the ‘Bed Check’ item (red arrow).

A popup window will open. Enter the bed check period ‘Start Date’ and Start Time’.

You can either enter the digits in directly or click on the small icons to the right of the Date and Time fields (red arrows) and choose the appropriate entries from there.

The system will automatically calculate the ‘End Date’ and ‘End Time’ depending on what bed check periods your company administrator has chosen (for example 15 minutes, 30 or 60 minutes).

Bed check periods cannot overlap. Therefore, enter standard times agreed upon at your organization. For example, if checks are done every 15 minutes, then start times should ideally be – on the hour, 15 minutes after, 30 minutes after and quarter to the hour.

Next, check off all the clients that you did a bed check on during the period (purple arrows). If no clients were present during the check, do not check off any names. Click on the Big ‘Submit for Approval’ button (green arrow).

The window will automatically disappear if done correctly. If it does not disappear, please scroll to the top of the popup window and check for an error message (red text) e.g., “Start Date is Required” OR “Action could not be performed”.  Address the issue appropriately.

A list of all bed check entries can be found in all client charts for the location. To access the list of bed checks, from the Home page open any client chart by clicking on their name. When their chart opens up, click on the “Bed Check” tab (red circle). All checks will be listed by Start Date and Start Time (blue rectangle). To edit a list, click on the ‘Edit’ (green arrow) of the specific bed check or click on the Start Date of the specific bed check.

You cannot edit a bed check performed by another direct care staff member.