Important Notes before you start: Any special needs reports that have been signed off by staff cannot be edited. Special Needs that have been created cannot be deleted. So please try to complete your Special Needs report in one sitting or shortly after. Also, check for accuracy before hitting the Save button. Staff on the direct care and provider side will automatically receive a notification and be able to sign the special needs acknowledgement once it is submitted.

To create a Special Needs Report – from the provider application go to the consumer’s chart. Click on the “General Info” tab (blue circle). Click “Special Needs” (red arrow). To Create a new report click “+Add New Special Needs” (orange circle).

Enter the information required for the special needs records in the predefined fields (green circle). If more fields are required that are specific to the client simply enter the new special need name in the “Title” field (blue arrow). Enter the relevant special need instruction under it (purple arrow). Click the big blue “Add Add’l” button to commit each new special need. When all additional needs have been added remember to click the green “Save” button (red arrow) to retain the information. When the information is saved a special needs, report can be generated by clicking on “Report button” (orange arrow).

Once saved on the provider side, the direct care staff at any of the client’s residential or other service  sites, for example group home, ISS facility, host home etc., will automatically receive a homepage notification to review and sign each special needs (purple circle).

 The direct care staff can review the special needs report, check off the box labeled ‘I have reviewed this special needs’ (orange arrow), enter the date of the review (purple arrow) and then hit ‘Sign-Off’ (blue arrow). In real time the notification will disappear from their home page.

If direct care staff wish to generate a copy of the most recent Special Needs report for any client, they can do so by clicking on the individual’s name on the home page. When they are in the client’s chart, click on the ‘Generate Special Needs Report’ button (red arrow).

A report will be automatically created.