Once an individual plan has been created for a client direct support staff can now document activities associated with achieving outcomes.

To document activities associated with outcomes direct support staff should login to the client’s chart via the direct care portal.

On the home page a notification will be appear at the time activities are due to be documented (purple
circle below). Click on the red text within the notification message (green arrow).

A popup window automatically appears with all the activities scheduled for all clients. Using the company’s standard format direct support staff simply enter the recognized abbreviation (orange arrow) into the ‘Prompt’ field (green circle). Enter the name the place service was delivered (red arrow) and any comments (white text box). When satisfied save the information by clicking on the “Submit” button (blue arrow). When prompts are entered for all activities for all clients the notification on the home page will disappear.

Direct care staff can view previous outcome actions documented by opening the client’s chart (clicking on the client name from the Home Page) and clicking on the “Outcomes/Actions” tab (blue circle).

The previous 18 days of activity will be displayed (does not include the current day’s activities) with the status of the action carried out using prompts (red circles). The blacked out dates are days on which actions have not been scheduled to be documented. Please ensure that your staff go in at least once every 1-2 weeks to documents goals tracked as they cannot go back further than 18 days to enter prompts.