To create an IDRC first click on the “Consumer” tab on the home page main menu bar (red circle). Then click on the name of the consumer for whom you wish to create an IDRC.

Click on “Case Manager/Program Coordinators: button (orange arrow). Then click on “Intellectual Disability and Related Conditions” (blue circle)

If this is client is brand new in the system, CLICK ON “+Add IDRC” (purple circle below). However, if the client has had previous IDRCs put in then, scroll down to the list of IDRCs and click on ‘Renew’ to the left of the topmost IDRC entry.

When the pop up window appears fill out all appropriate fields.

An electronic signature must be obtained for each IDRC created therefore the “sign this form” button near the bottom of the window must be checked off by the person whose signature should appear on the report then the IDRC can be saved to the system (blue circle).

To add corroborating documents to the IDRC scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and click the select button (green arrow). Wait until the upload indicator shows the process is complete or at least 15 seconds for the transfer of the document(s) from the file it is saved in on your computer.

Once the documents are uploaded, they will appear just above the select button (red arrow in fig below). Remember to hit the “SAVE” (orange circle) so the system will retain the entered data and documents.

Once saved the new IDRC will appear when the IDRC tab is chosen from the consumer’s main information page (blue circle).

To Change the Staff Name On An IDRC

If a staff member has inadvertently signed off an IDRC then an alternate staff name can be inserted and their signature appended. To do this access the client’s chart and choose “Case Manager/Program Coordinators” (red circle). From there click on the ‘Intellectual Disability and Related Conditions’ button (green circle). Then click “Edit” (orange arrow).

Once the IDRC window opens scroll towards the bottom and locate and click on the ‘Edit’ button (red arrow) just above the ‘Record Autobiography’ section.

Once the clicked the window will refresh and the ‘Edit’ button will now be replaced with a ‘Save’ button (green arrow) AND a checkbox (orange arrow) will also appear located within a grey rectangular section.

To have your name and signature appear on the IDRC check off the box that attests to the accuracy of the information in the IDRC AND click ‘Save’ (green arrow) at the bottom.

The IDRC will now be listed with your name in the ‘Created By’ section (red circle).