Once attendance is taken ON THE Direct Care side log into the provider application and click “Reports” tab (green arrow). Next click “Appointments” (blue circle) and then click on the “Attendance Log” button (red arrow).

When the Attendance Log window appears choose a location and a date for which you wish to create an attendance log for. Then click on “Submit”.

All reports have a list of all staff that documented period attendance status for the report.

Please Note: the report for Day Hab is weekly and contains staff initials as well as a notation regarding any DH logs documented in Focused. Attendance reports for other residential locations are monthly and simply contain staff initials and an attendance status.

An example of a group home attendance log report is given below

The group home attendance report is monthly and shows attendance status (Resident Present (RP) – red arrow), staff initials (green arrow) as well as a list of all staff who documented attendance for the report period (blue arrow).

The Day Hab (DH) report (see below) is weekly and contains more information than the other attendance reports including staff initials (green arrow), attendance status (red arrow). It also contains a notation regarding the presence (orange circle) or absence (purple arrows) of corresponding DH logs for the report period. If no attendance is taken OR a status of non-attendance at the location is entered then no log status is shown (blue circles).