From the DirectCare home page click on “Attendance” (yellow circle).

This will generate a 2-week attendance sheet for all the clients registered at a specific location with the current date in the center. The date attendance is being taken in the example below is 07/26/19 (red arrow). 


Attendance can be taken :

  • In batches of multiple individuals OR
  • By individual

To take attendance in batches simply check off the “Select All” box (red arrow) or check off specific client names (green arrows). Then choose an attendance status (yellow arrow) applicable to all the clients chosen, choose a date for attendance (purple arrow) and then click “Submit Attendance” (blue arrow). This will automatically fill in the attendance status for all clients selected. Note: You cannot change an individually assigned attendance status by batch. It must be changed individually (see next section for how to do this).

To enter a single individual’s attendance status simply find the appropriate client (name in row header – blue circle) then click on the button below a specific date (red circle).

When the “Attendance Status” data entry box opens simply click on the status that applies to your client. Here we will select OV for “Off-site Visit” for Sheheradze, A.

The status box will disappear, and we now see that Aladin, Sheheradze’s status for 02/09/17 is OV. Since the caregiver Scooby Doo took attendance his initials (SD) appear beneath the entry.

To change the status simply click on the status item in the box e.g. OV in the last example and choose another status option for that day.

     Note: You can change attendance status beyond the 2 weeks shown on screen by simply choosing a date outside of the displayed range.

Attendance reports can be generated on the Provider side. For more information on how to do that please visit the relevant user guide HERE.