The annual physicians order pulls data that is current as of the date of the order, from the following sections Edit Details, Addl Info, Disorders/Surgical Occurrences, Med Manager, and Standing Orders. Therefore, please ensure that the information in these areas is accurate and up to date then create your Annual Physician’s Order.  

From within the consumers chart click on the big Medications’ tab (blue circle). Then click on the Annual Physician Order” tab (orange circle) from the consumers main information page. Then click on +Add Annual Physician Order” (red arrow).


Enter the information for the annual physician order. You can also add or retire standing orders from the same window (see red rectangular box below). If the Special’ box is checked off for special instructions. Then text can be added in the text box to its right (see green arrow below).

When done please click on the big blue SAVE button. 

Annual Physician Orders can be Deleted by clicking on the appropriate red button. 

Reports can be generated by clicking on the ‘Report’ button.

You will be returned to the consumer’s main information page where a list of the annual physician’s orders will appear (blue circle).

If an annual physician’s order is deleted, it can be restored by clicking on the ‘Records Waiting For Garbage Collection’ button in the yellow bar above the list of current annual physician orders (pink circle). Then finding the date of the specific order to reinstate (blue arrow).

Click on it, scroll to the bottom and hit Undelete/Restore” (red button). Go back to the yellow bar and click on the Active’ button and the order will be back in the active pile.