When scheduled medications are due to be given in Focused Software a notification on the DirectCare home page. The notification lasts for 2 hours appearing 1 hr before and lasting 1 hour after the set time. For example if a medication is due to be given at 9 am the notification will appear at 8 am and disappear at 10 am. (This is in accordance with federal (CMS) and many state expectations.) Once the notification has disappeared the only way to document medications is to use the missed meds route (please see the ‘Documentation of Missed Meds’ user guide).

From the notification list on the DirectCare home page identify any medication administration alerts and click on the red text (blue circle below).


A list of consumers and the medications they are due to receive at this time will appear below the notification list (red circle). If a consumer has 3 meds due at the same time then the consumers name will appear on the list 3 times.

Scroll down to where the list of consumers is given at the bottom of the page and click on the name of the consumer(s) needing meds administered to open up their chart (green arrow).


By default, the chart will open up on the service delivery log page; you need to click on the Medication tab (green circle).


When the medication tab opens you will see the medication(s) that need to be given with their uses, side-effects (blue circle) as well as a big “Administer” button (green arrow).


Simply click on the ‘Administer’ button and a window will pop open with options for you to choose from. If the medication was taken always choose the first green option ‘Medication Taken’. The Day Hab option is ONLY chosen if the consumer is at a day tab location not served by Focused Software so staff could not document in the electronic health record.


Once you click on an option the initials of the person who logged in will now appear in the date/time shown. If you choose a wrong option then immediately click on your initials (red circle) and choose another option.


If you return to the home page you will now notice that the medication notification has disappeared (or the number has reduced by one if multiple meds are due to be given). The green arrow shows where the notification originally was.