Before we begin – PRN meds can only be documented as given if they have already been prescribed for the consumer in the Med Manager tab on the provider application. For a refresher on how how to do this please visit the Medication Manager user guide.

From the DirectCare main menu bar hover over “Meds” (blue circle) then click on “Administer PRN Meds” (red circle).   


When the pop up window appears enter the required information. Only meds entered into the Med Manager (on the provider application) for this consumer will appear in the “Drug” drop down menu. The uses and side-effects are also automatically populated from that source. When documentation is complete click the green “Administer Now” button.


After the “Administer Now” button is clicked a notice regarding effectiveness charting (blue circle) will appear on the home page of the care giver who administered the PRN med. See below. Click on the red text to enter effectiveness information.


The current date/time as well as effectiveness information is entered in the pop up window. Text must be entered in the “Comments/Effectiveness” field. Click “Submit” when finished.


The pop up window will disappear and you will be returned to the home page screen where the number of PRN effectiveness charting requests is now decreased by one (see figure below). Click on the red text to repeat.