Approval Process

Supervisors can check the accuracy of bed checks and mark them for approval. To do so, log into the provider side of the system.

Go to the main menu bar and hover over the ‘Activities’ tab (green arrow). When the dropdown appears click on the ‘Client Bed Checks’ button (red arrow).


When the window opens, enter a date, then choose the client name associated with the bed checks you wish to approve. If the client has already been discharged from the company, then check off the ‘Discharged Consumers’ button (red arrow) to choose a patient from that list.

Choose a Staff name from the ‘Staff’ dropdown if they are currently working at the company. If, however, the staff member who documented the bed check has been terminated from the company then uncheck the ‘Active’ box (green arrow) and this will show a list of terminated staff to choose from.

Click on the ‘Search’ button (purple arrow).


If there are any bed check logs documented for that client for the specified day, they will show up below the buttons (see below in red rectangle). If there are none, you can check the next day’s logs by clicking on the “Go to Next Day” button (green arrow) until logs are found. (For a  complete list of bed check logs please access the client’s chart through the direct care side.)


When a list turns up check that all of the boxes under the ‘Present’ column that you expect to be checked (or left unchecked) are correct (blue arrows, below). For those boxes that are correctly marked (or left unmarked if the client is absent) check off the boxes under the ‘Approve’ column (green arrows).

Please note: The boxes under the ‘Present’ column can only be checked off on the direct care side.

Once complete, click on the ‘Submit’ button (red arrow). Any logs that where checked off for approval will disappear. Leaving only logs that have not been approved. To generate a pdf log report of the APPROVED bed checks of any day, simply complete all of the data fields (as described above), click on the ‘Search’ button. Then click on “Generate Report”.

The approved logs will not be listed but a pdf report will still be produced. Only approved logs appear on the bed check report.


An example of a bed check log is given below.