Provider Application

Focused Software allows Providers to operate as a fully integrated Human Services Provider that maintains one common consumer record shared from all locations anywhere anytime. Focused Software is highly customizable, easy to use and offers complete support for all of your staff including Care Coordinators/Case Managers, QIDPs, Nurses, Direct Care Staff, Behaviorists, Billing, Administration and much more. Focused EHR enables all Idd service staff to maintain each consumer’s chart through a fully integrated electronic record system in real-time.  Records are accessible to your supervisory staff from any location. Focused EHR allows your team to manage increasing consumer numbers by becoming more efficient. Our EHR makes preparation for audit a breeze as you will be complying with regulatory requirements along the way. Now your staff can focus on consumer care instead of paperwork.

Focused EHR is highly intuitive, easy to use and offers complete support for all Support Team members with our industry-best 24/7 customer service!

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Provider Services include:
  • Individual Plan of Care AND Individual Service Plan
  • Implementation Plan & Training Goals
  • Intellectual Disability/Related Conditions Assessments
  • Level Of Need Change QA Alerts!
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Pharmacy can push medications directly into Focused (HL7 integration)
  • Comprehensive Nurse Assessment (CNA)
  • Consents AND In-Service Documentation with online signatures
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Personnel Checklists
  • Patient Profile Summary Sheets
  • Restraint Risk Assessment AND ABC (Antecedent Behavior and Consequence) Forms
  • Real-Time Notification of Service Delivery Logs & Incident Reports Submission
  • CFC/Transportation/Day Hab Conflict Identification/Resolution Report
  • Billing Summary Reports
  • Manage Communications between Locations
  • Data Backup, File Recovery & Off Site Storage
  • Audit & Compliance Tracking and Enforcement
The Easier way to Manage your Consumer Data
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