Site-Specific Direct Care Application

Focused Software allows for site-based service provision and documentation that functions either as a stand-alone EHR or as a fully integrated application.  Direct support staff are able to quickly and easily input services delivered, incident reports, medication administration, fire drills and more directly into each person’s individual chart. Service Delivery Logs are available in English and SPANISH!!

Host Home and CFC/Transportation Independent Contractors and staff can submit documentation of services delivered on the go – from their computers, tablets, or Smartphones anywhere! Have Service Delivery Logs and notes available for billing within seconds of service documentation!

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Site-Specific Direct Care Services Include:
  • Service Delivery Documentation Logs/Notes – ENGLISH and SPANISH available
  • Residential Site (Environmental) Inspection Checklist
  • CFC (Community First Choice) and Transportation Logs
  • CFC/Transportation/Day Hab Conflict Identification/Resolution Report
  • Medication Documentation and Error Notification
  • Vital Signs Documentation, Notification and Graphs
  • Seizure and Elimination Charting
  • Critical Incident
  • Attendance Logs
  • Fire Drills
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