Document Management

Focused Software includes a comprehensive electronic healthcare document management system, a virtual file cabinet framework for organizing all digital and paper documents.Sign your documents online – no printing! Sign consents, IPCs, CNAs, IP, ID/RCs, Individual Service Plans and much more!  Capture, track, manage, and store documents securely and without paper, file folders, or binders. Electronic document management is more efficient and more secure than paper-based systems: protect the confidentiality of your service recipient and provider information while saving time, money, and personnel time. Keep confidential charts up-to-date in real time; don’t let illegible handwriting or delayed paper documentation submission cause costly errors or recoupments. Use Focused Software’s intuitive, easy to use and secure system to make life easy for your staff and keep your information safe. No more lost logs. No more misfiled documents. Stop printing piles of paper TODAY!   Watch The Video HERE  
Document Management Services Include:
  • E-Signatures for all Staff and Sub-Contractors
  • Sign numerous documents without printing a sheet of paper!
  • Customizable Personnel Checklists To Keep Track of Qualified Service Provider Credentials
  • Storage for copies of Staff Certificates and Required Documents
  • Create Your Own Consent Templates and Have Everyone Sign Online!!
  • In-Service Documentation and Online Signatures – NO Printing!
  • Keep Audit Trails of Key Documents
  • Restrict Staff Access to Specific Areas of Consumer’s Chart
  • Automatically Route Documents for Supervisory Approval
  • Document Upload and Search
The Easier way to Manage your Consumer Data
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