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Provider Application

Focused EHR enables various IDD service staff to maintain consumer charts through a fully integrated electronic record system that syncs in real-time.  Records are accessible from multiple locations – anywhere anytime! Focused EHR allows your team to manage increasing consumer numbers by becoming more efficient. Our EHR makes preparation for audit a breeze as you will be complying with regulatory requirements along the way. Now your staff can focus on consumer care instead of paperwork.

Focused EHR is highly intuitive, easy to use and offers complete support for all Support Team members with our industry-best 24/7 customer service!

Provider Services Include:

  • Individual Plan of Care AND Individual Service Plan
  • Implementation Plan & Training Goals 
  • ID/RC Assessments
  • Level Of Need Change QA Alerts! 
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Pharmacy can push medications directly into Focused (HL7 integration)
  • Comprehensive Nurse Assessment (CNA)
  • Consents AND In-Service Documentation
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Personnel Checklists
  • Patient Profile Summary Sheets
  • Restraint Risk Assessment AND ABC Forms 
  • Real-Time Notification of Service Delivery Logs & Incident Reports
  • Manage Communications between Locations

Site-Specific Direct Care Application

Focused Software allows site-based service provision and documentation that functions either as a stand-alone EHR or as a fully integrated application. Direct support staff are able to quickly and easily input services delivered, incident reports, medication administration, vital signs, seizure documentation, elimination, fire drills and more directly into each patient’s chart. Service delivery logs available in English and SPANISH!!

Site-Specific Direct Care Services Include:

  • Service Delivery Documentation Logs/Notes – available in ENGLISH and SPANISH
  • Residential Site (Environmental) Inspection Checklist
  • CFC (Community First Choice) and Transportation
  • CFC/Transportation/Day Hab Conflict Identification/Resolution Report
  • Medication Documentation and Error Notification
  • Vital Signs Documentation and Notification
  • Seizure and Elimination Charting
  • Critical Incident
  • Attendance
  • Fire Drills

Billing Features

Access Service Delivery Logs/notes, staff hours and units from the automated report system. Gather billing documents effortlessly with integrated billing summary reports. Search for documents by service type, status (approved, pending, denied, billed), originating staff, etc. Generate reports for tracking staff hours by client served. Don’t lose money because of lost, overlooked or incomplete service delivery documents. Save hours of billing staff time each week by having logs/reports retrieved within seconds with the Focused EHR!


Billing Services Include:

  • Notes/Logs Search Engine
  • Service Delivery Log Status Tracker
  • Staff Activity (Time and Unit) Report
  • Billing Summary Reports Make Submitting For Payment Easy!
  • Import and store CARE FileZilla Remittance Reports directly in Focused EHR. Parse and easily read Form 2040!

Document Management

Focused Software includes a comprehensive electronic healthcare document management system, a virtual file cabinet framework for organizing all digital and paper documents. Sign your documents online – no printing! Sign consents, IPCs, CNAs, IP, ID/RCs, Individual Service Plans and much more!  Capture, track, manage, and store documents securely and without paper, file folders, or binders. Electronic document management is more efficient and more secure than paper-based systems: protect the confidentiality of your service recipient and provider information while saving time, money, and personnel time. Keep confidential charts up-to-date in real time; don’t let illegible handwriting or delayed paper documentation submission cause costly errors or recoupments. Use Focused Software’s intuitive, easy to use and secure system to make life easy for your staff and keep your information safe. No more lost logs! No more misfiled documents! Stop printing piles of paper today!


Document Management Services Include:

  • E-Signatures for all Staff and Sub-Contractors
  • Sign numerous documents without printing a sheet of paper
  • Keep Audit Trails of Key Documents
  • Restrict Staff Access to Specific Areas of Consumer’s Chart
  • Automatically Route Documents for Supervisory Approval
  • Document Upload and Search


NeoCertified provides email encryption for more than half a million users worldwide and is used in industries where security is of the utmost importance (health, finance, law, etc).

It has two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and custom email settings.

Keep your current email address and manage your electronic communications with features such as setting expiration times for your emails, disabling replies, being notified if emails are opened and easily retracting a sensitive email before it is opened etc. HIPPA compliant and secure from the OpenPGP and S/Mime E-Fail vulnerability. Sign up with Focused Software for Neocertified encrypted email today! 

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