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Questions About The Software

Some of my staff are anxious about using an EHR. Is Focused Software easy to use?

Focused Software can be successfully used by anyone! If a potential user can get on Facebook or play Candy Crush, they can use FS! The FS interface is very intuitive (just click on what you want); many direct care staff just need  a 10-15 minute overview and they’re ready to go!  

Does Focused Software integrate with pharmacy software systems?

Focused Software can interface with many pharmacy software systems so your pharmacist can push medications into Focused EHR for your approval. All this at no extra cost to you! The pharmacy software simply has to be able to ‘push’ scripts in an HL7 compliant fashion (don’t worry your pharmacy team will know what this is!). Now your staff don’t have to run the risk of data entry errors or waste time entering medications one at a time! 

How will Focused Software save me money?

Whether you’re a small or large IDD service company Focused Software’s EHR helps to maximize employee time, enabling the provider to optimize FTE (full time employees) effort.  Maintaining online documentation reduces paper-related expenses like paper, toner, file cabinets and storage space. Read our Focused on Value article or calculate your True Costs of Paper Charts here.  Using our Electronic Health Record allows team members to focus on the important aspects of their work, with NO time lost to filing or looking for misfiled documentation.  Automatic routing of logs/notes, notifications for expiring documents, monitoring of service provision in real-time allows for responsive planning and intervention, serving to improve the quality of supports. 

How much does it cost?

Initial implementation requires a nominal one-time setup fee, then monthly costs are based on the number of professional & administrative users and residential locations.  You only pay for what you need – if all you require is the administration module you can get that for as little as $38/week. Schedule a demonstration today – your Focused Software rep can provide an estimate of charges based on your organization’s needs.

Questions About Implementation and Rollout

Do I need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment?

No! Your team can access Focused Software from multiple electronic devices as long as they have an internet connection: computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. There are no hardware or browser specifications. You can even get started with the hardware you already have.

We have our own forms and consents. Can we upload them into Focused?

Wording for forms such as consents, residential inspections, activity logs etc can be customized and imported into Focused Software with any phrasing you choose.  The system also includes state form replicas for many necessary documents and the file management capacity allows the uploading of scanned documents to ensure access to a comprehensive record for each person you serve. 

Moving all our files into FS looks like a lot of work! How can FS help?

Don’t worry we’ve helped hundreds of company easily and successfully rollout Focused Software and we can do it for you too! We provide guidance, support and the necessary tools throughout your initial implementation/rollout and beyond. We even offer change management advice to help your more change-averse staff get onboard. Supplementary data entry services* or data migration* can also be arranged.  (*Additional fees will apply)

Questions About Training and Support

What about customer service?

Focused Software comes with an industry-best LIVE 24/7 customer service and tech support! No – we do not outsource; No – there is no email ticketing system that sends your questions into a black hole!  We answer your questions when you need answers! Our team has extensive clinical experience as well as being extremely knowledgeable about the many features on the EHR platform. This means your team can rely on us to optimize your EHR experience – whenever, wherever.   

What training do we get? How soon after training can we start?

We offer both online and on-site training (ask your rep about the differences). Either way you get multiple sessions covering all areas of the platform for your staff. 

Your initial data entry staff can start registering clients using the system from day 1. We have a routine rollout plan as well as an accelerated (quick start) plan. Depending on the size of your organization some direct care staff could start submitting service notes/activity logs in as little as a few days to a few weeks with your team’s full cooperation.  

What about user guides and online client tools?

When you sign up with Focused Software you and your team get access to a wealth of user guides, videos, workflow charts, change management tools and much more! All tools are online and available 24 hours a day – 365 days a year! 

Questions About Other Things

What happens if we decide to stop using FS? What happens to our data?

Once you use our multi-feature EHR we really don’t think that’s going to happen…….but the information you enter into the EHR is YOURS, and everything that is entered can be retrieved in PDF format.  When notice is provided of intent to discontinue using FS, we’ll work with you to ensure download and/or printing of all your information.

How long has Focused Software been serving providers in the IDD service arena?

Focused Software is proud to have been developing and improving the EHR for over 10 years (check out our origin story here). We are dedicated to creating EHRs for providers in the IDD service arena that make their lives easier. We do not serve any other healthcare groups which is why we do what we do so well! 

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