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The EHR for Companies Serving the IDD Community – Large or Small!

Focused EHR was created for YOU β€” a provider who serves people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive EHR solution so YOU can focus on YOUR #1 concern – enriching the lives of the PEOPLE you serve!
Let’s face it: creating, tracking, and ensuring quality documentation requires a tremendous amount of time and resources. Focused EHR helps to streamline data entry, transmission and storage – easily, efficiently, and securely (fully encrypted). It also includes integrated tools to organize tasks, create assignments, generate reports and MORE!
Partnering with Focused Software increases efficiencies, decreases costs, and safeguards (πŸ”)Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and provider-related confidential information. Call us today and let us show you just how much time, money and energy you can save when you partner with Focused Software! Read our keynote article on EHR Value and the true cost of paper charts!

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